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TOPIC: Re:Rules
Tim out of mind (User)
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Re:Rules 15 Years, 9 Months ago  
Maintaining civility on the discussion boards

You can have a spirited discussion or debate without getting personal. You're going to have a more civil and productive exchange if you state your disagreement with someone's ideas rather than attacking the person expressing them. Saying, "I don't agree with your positive opinion of 'World Gone Wrong'" is going to work a lot better than saying, "You must be an idiot if you like 'World Gone Wrong.'"

Posts or threads may be deleted or edited if the content is determined to be either generally offensive (e.g., obscene, threatening, bigoted), or if it is an attack of a personal nature against another member, including Admin.

Repeated attacks will not be tolerated.

It is understood that what may be offensive to one user may not be offensive to another so please respect and consider the thoughts and feelings of all users here.

Positive and constructive suggestions or feedback from users is strongly encouraged in an effort to keep this an active and interesting board with a variety of Bob Dylan fans.

While Admin. tolerates and endorses humor, kidding, needling, etc., users of this site are expected to be courteous and respectful to one another. It is not our wish to interrupt the free exchange of ideas, but we reluctantly reserve the right to enforce our policies by whatever means we may deem appropriate to a given set of circumstances.

We want this site to be a positive and enjoyable place for people who appreciate Bob Dylan and his artistry. Please respect the intent of others' threads. Deliberately posting replies intended to derail the flow of the discussion or ridicule its intent won't be tolerated. Members whose posts are chronically disruptive, negative, inflammatory, or otherwise are contrary to the spirit of the NEP as a Bob Dylan fan site will be asked to amend their behavior or risk censorship by the moderators.


A sticky thread, "Dylan for Sale," has been set up to handle posts offering items for sale. Please confine any messages related to buying and selling to this thread.

Only Dylan-related items may be posted. They may be items you are selling directly, or links to other sites (e.g. Ebay). Please ask interested persons to PM or email you rather than discussing details in the thread.

Advertisements or solicitations that have no Dylan content will be deleted.

Members are urged to use this feature judiciously. The NEP is NOT a venue designed for free advertising.

Any threads requesting donations to charities or particular worthy causes must be approved in advance by administration.


These guidelines are established and subject to modifications to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for all users here, and Admin. will take advice or suggestions from users in regards to RULES or guidelines very seriously.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and consideration and please contact Admin should you have any questions or concerns.
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