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a new friend
a new friend
2014-03-31 03:59:38
Hi team. I hope everyone is on board for the new tour. Go Bobby! Good luck team!
a new friend
a new friend
2013-10-19 00:59:48
Hi team! I had trouble with my password last time and couldn't leave a message. Let's hope Bob mixes it up across the pond! Tedham- are you going to see him in the UK? Maybe you can see the sculptures he welded. The exhibit will be in London at the end of the tour. It looks pretty cool!
2013-06-23 07:35:41
Hi team, everybody playing the new game? Tedham
2012-10-23 18:46:11
hope it does not rain this Friday, the hollywood bowl is outside. no new songs, I do like the play lists!!
Tex Carbone
Tex Carbone
2012-10-14 04:54:43
Saw the show in Winnipeg. Worst sound i've ever experienced at a Bob show.
2012-10-12 17:15:42
hope he plays the new songs now that he is on the west coast, I will be seeing him at the Hollywood Bowl and Vegas. Has anyone seen the shows yet??
2012-10-06 22:09:09
Appreciate the offer very much but I'm over in the UK. Have a great show.
2012-10-06 19:55:23
I have tickets for the Las Vegas show, brought 2 extra by mistake, will sell for face value. anyone want to go? floor 5 G seat 15 & 16. $129.50 each Glad to be back on a TEAM!!