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Masked and Anonymous
2013-07-04 02:57:04
Thanks for the kind words Jimmie. I hope you and yours are doing well. Charlie's back in the band and hopefully the songs will be changed up more now that he's returned. I enjoyed the recordings of the Duke shows but I was a little disillusioned by the lack of variety in song choices and I'm glad to have Charlie back. I wish I was going to the Mountain View show (closest show to me but still 3 1/2 hours away.) I just can't justify the expense. Any chance of you getting to see Bob this tour?
2013-06-29 01:49:51
hey masked... I understand your loss.. my mom continued her journey at age 68 in 2008... you will come to remember her more without so much sadness.. I try never to say I miss.. but instead I say I remember her.. bob's CD tell tale signs and Emmylou harris 's s CD All I Intended to Be .. both we're very helpful ... my thoughts and prayers are with you
Masked and Anonymous
2013-04-06 00:37:58
Good Luck on the picks!
Masked and Anonymous
2013-03-24 07:27:40
I hope you guys are doing well. I've had a huge personal loss. My Mom passed away January 10th. It's been a difficult couple of months for my family and me. She was 61 years old and had been ill for many years but her death was still unexpected. I miss her a lot. I wanted to thank you both for the friendly comments last time around and wish you well. I'm hoping one or both of you gets to catch a show this tour. I look forward to the new and possibly final Never Ending Pool. -Brian
Masked and Anonymous
2012-11-30 04:22:14
If you guys need any shows or advice on how to get them let me know. I did just get the Delia show and have most of the latest tour. Still no good copy of the Sacramento show yet.
2012-11-27 20:37:21
thanks for the link to the show!! delia! IS AN AWESOME SONG.. makes me teary, still!! glad you had a great show in SACRAMENTO!
Little Moses
2012-11-22 02:35:23
Thanks,Masked and Anonymous!Good score for you too. And Jimmie_t, congratulations. You took the lead of the team from day one, and held it to the end. Maybe there'll be a next tour in 2013 and who knows ... maybe we'll all meet again. Best of luck to you all!
Masked and Anonymous
2012-11-21 16:22:13
Nice score Lttle Moses! It's been a fun tour. Thanks for taking me along for the ride Jimmie T. Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!
Masked and Anonymous
2012-11-08 16:58:21
Hey guys. Hope all is well. Early Roman Kings makes a debut. Good stuff. Here's a link to hear last nights's show that I found on ER discussion page. It starts up halfway through Tangled Up In Blue.
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-29 05:50:13
And Now The GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES! What a great week and a day for a big-time Giants/Bob Fan. Front row first time last week and 2nd Giants World Series Win in my 38 years this week! I was a spoiled 49ers fan as a child but the Giants brought nothing but frustration until the recent past. I have to rave again about how big an impression Bob made on me last week. The boys in the band are all watching him like a hawks to see which way to turn but Bob is PUTTING ON A SHOW!
Little Moses
2012-10-29 03:21:55
Hey, M & A, didn't I tell you things could change. Congratulations with your second place !!! Delia ...... whoever would have guessed?
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-28 07:25:38
Delia, my 20 point song got played tonight. I took a chance on that one because Bob mentioned it being one of his favorites in the Rolling Stone interview. Hope you guys are doing well.
Little Moses
2012-10-24 02:29:51
Masked and Anonymous, glad you enjoyed the show in Sacramento. And don't worry for your scores. Tour is still going on, and you know: things can change. Congrats though for our captain! Jimmie_t, I'm trying to get closer bur I'm still a million miles away. This said, Bob has of course the right to do what he does. But isn't it a pity he plays no songs from tempest? Cause I'm sure most of the fans attending his concerts are looking out for that.
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-23 07:28:25
Great show on the 20th in Sacramento. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere was a big surprise and highlights were Things Have Changed, Tangled Up In Blue, Mississippi, and Thunder On The Mountain. It was really cool to be so close to the stage. Unfortunately most of my picks this tour revolve around Tempest so I'm definitely the weak link on the team this time around. Sorry guys.
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-09 18:21:58
Wow! You've seen some historic events in the Bob world. Cold Irons Bound is an all-time favorite of mine. I've seen some great and very different performances of that song in Red Bluff '02, Davis '04, Berkeley '09 and Monterey '10.
2012-10-08 22:37:25
cool! the 1995 tour was one of my favorites.. very bittersweet.. after JG passed ..and bob started playing more Dead songs.. was lucky to hear.. west LA fadeaway. Friend of the Devil.. alabama getaway.. white dove.. i;ve never gotten to hear a visions of johanna.. but i've heard JOEY in chicago once. JOKERMAN .. Peggy O - a few times.. Jimmy Carter was at the show in altanta in the balcony one year. the Paul Simon duets were cool.. i was there in COlorado for the first 3 of those shows.. was at the first of the TOOM shows in starkville MS COLD IRONS BOUND.. CAN"T WAIT and LOVE SICK.. i'll be thinkin about you on october 20th.. oxford town in oxford ms was a treat also
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-08 19:30:14
How lucky to be among the few lucky ones to get on stage and be up close. Very exciting. I agree that up close is the best but my girlfriend of 16 years is no longer as into Bob as I am so we aren't going to multiple shows this time around. we paid $207 a ticket to get up close this time so I'm hoping for at least a new song or two. We did get to see debuts of Cry A While in '01, Nettie Moore in '06 & we were there for Heartbreak Hotel in '09. Most exciting was Mama, You Been On My Mind in Berkeley '09. Songs are set for the entire tour. I'm hoping for more Tempest songs.
2012-10-08 18:08:30
welcome aboard... hoping for a southern US tour after these dates wrap up.. btw.. i saw bob play little moses in jackson MS early 90s.. one of the highlights of the 'acoustic sets..' thanks for the show offers.. i have a bunch on TAPE, then started CDs.. now some on MP3s.. close up is the best way to see Bob.. but just to be in the room is good.. we were right on the stage in Tupelo MS once.. bob came over and shook my hand before the encore..(i think he likes folks who SING ALONG) then towards the end Rainy Day wife was 'hauled up' stage and she and bob did a little dance together during his guitar solo.. all good fun... i used to care but things have changed.. i still try to go to the bobshow ..but i don't follow quite like i did.. i have taken my youngest teen to see bob twice.. we had second row.. his name is Jacob.. his favorite song at the time was TWEEDLE DEE and sure enough..bob played it .. ??? do you get to pick new songs for each show.. i can't seem to figure out how to update my picks for tonights show?
Masked and Anonymous
2012-10-05 05:24:38
Thanks very much for the invite. I'm excited for this tour. I've got front row center seats (first time ever!) for October 20th in Sacramento. This will be my 16th show since 10/8/93 in Sacramento. Glad to be part of the team. Good Luck. Go Giants! P.S. I've got over 600 shows so if you need one I might have it.
Little Moses
2012-10-03 02:21:25
Thanks, Captain, for the invitation. Let's hope Bobbie plays our songs.