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hooves on its feet
hooves on its feet
2010-10-06 01:54:05
Good luck! I ordered my tickets for 11/13 a couple hours ago. :)
Crowing Rooster
2010-10-05 10:51:11
Thanks for picking me up! Let's see what Bob has prepared to us...
2010-08-21 03:22:25
I missed our moment of fame! well done to everyone, lets hope we can get top sometime soon, maybe if bob drags out please come crawl out your window, my 20 pick we might, who knows! I really should have picked happy birthday...
hooves on its feet
hooves on its feet
2010-08-18 22:33:00
Wow! Great job!
2010-08-18 15:15:09
Front Page!!!! What a set list, it would have been good to have been at that one. But I'll take coming in 4th as a good substitute. Nice job Team!
2010-08-09 15:10:24
Thanks for including me in Team! Don't think this is going to be a good tour for me points wise so apologies in advance. At least Bob's sounding on form though, i caught him at the end of the last leg and he was great. Good luck to all!
hooves on its feet
hooves on its feet
2010-08-08 03:32:41
No problem! We were all on the draft list, so I made the team about an hour before the tour started. :)
2010-08-05 03:19:05
Hey Team, thanks for pickin' me up!! I was having trouble getting on my usual team and, with time running out, I thought this would be a good alternative to still get to play. Thank you all againg, let the tour begin!!!