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2010-05-30 22:34:59
Hello everyone. Not a bad start in Athens. 6 points for Rainy Day Women ??? Why didn't I notice that?
2010-03-27 14:33:31
OK,last nights show was a disaster for points, but, far important, I was there. It was great. Bob in good voice. Played lots of harmonica. Especially good on Every Grain Of Sand. Thanks again, catpochi for the tickets. One more show to go to on the 28th.
2010-03-23 19:32:22
and Man In The Long Black Coat! Oooh can't believe the 13th, only one right and it was I Feel A Change Comin' On...
2010-03-13 15:19:45
Hi team. Revolution and Jack didn't get their selections in on time, so it's just the three of us. With my performance so far, it's really only two . Most important thing though are the setlists so far. Not Dark Yet, Shelter From the Storm, Hard Rain, Love Sick, Ramona. Great stuff. I've been predicting Cross The Green Mountain for 6 years now, maybe this tour. catpochi, were you at last night's show? Lucky man if you were. AM