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2009-07-30 17:40:59
Hey guys - just checking in. I hate to be dragging the team down, but i think we can still make a good run!
2009-07-09 13:26:19
Sounds good Chamberlain! A strategy of some sort could probably be good. And puppet, it can turn around fast, real fast!
2009-07-07 16:40:25
I get on a good team with a full compliment of players and I flop like an electric guitar at a folk festival.
2009-07-02 09:02:05
I would say we are well on our way! Good scores, everybody! We'll set up a strategy for next tour, this is the never ending pool, you know ;)
2009-06-23 01:27:16
Welcome! I hope you all will be satisfied with the team and hopefully we'll get a good score!