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2012-07-21 20:26:36
Now I need Bob to open the last show with Maggie´s Farm, I´ll get 20 points and will win the NEP:)
2012-07-10 10:14:52
Baron, this makes me envious. I am currently in Africa with my girlfriend for work, and cannot make it to Italy. I have listened to the recordings and they sound awesome.
2012-07-09 13:56:27
My friends, what a tour this is! In my opinion the best one since 2005. The audience recordings just cannot catch everything so if you have a chance, go and see at least one show by yourself. Bob´s so entertaining as never. I will go to Barolo next week because I just have to see him once again this summer. He´s so relaxed, so focused, his singing is just brilliant (not really Pavarotti but still...). Don´t you dare miss it.
2012-07-02 11:59:36
Keep us updated, I am looking forward to listen to the Hop Farm recording. Rewritten Can't Wait? Piano? WOW... Unfortunately I will be out of Europe, so no concerts for me this tour.
2012-07-01 13:51:24
Berlin, Dresden, Bonn, Bad Mergentheim and Salzburg, 5 shows in 6 days, what a week is awaiting me:)
2011-11-08 11:57:37
Great to hear that, I am going to Padova tomorrow, then Florence and Milan, I know Baron will be at the show in Rome
2011-11-06 18:53:43
#2 in Malmö, seems that my songpicks are quite correct at this time :) Bob is now in my part of the world, so I had a chance to see him in Stockholm... Bob's voice was better than I thought it would be. Unfortunately the show was not so inspiring comparing the last show I saw in Helsinki (1st June 2008). Mark was an ideal partner to Bob, and it was real pleasure to see both veterans in good shape...
2011-10-12 10:00:49
Yay! We ranked #1 for the Nottingham concert as a team!
2011-10-11 21:07:05
Hi Baron, what a pity! Yes, I decided to skip Rome because it would have been a huge expense (train+hotel) and I am unemployed at the moment. I also wanted to do the three London shows, but alas! next year maybe. I hope there will be a US tour in the Spring because I will be there to do a run of presentations and interviews for the book.
2011-10-04 20:30:25
Hi Andrea, you´re not going to Rome? It looks that Rome will be the only show in Italy I will do this time... I´m going to Rotterdam - Luxemburg - Oberhausen trip too.
2011-10-03 11:33:52
It seems that everything is up for the next tour. Make your picks if you haven.t done it yet. I'll be at three of the Italian shows (Padova, Florence, and Milan)
2011-06-20 23:30:46
Hi Baron, it seems that I have managed to find a ticket from expectingrain. I will be in Milan early in the afternoon after seeing my students. I think I'll hang around the Alcatraz and wait in line to get a good spot by the rail, if it's GA. I have pm'd you with my phone number
2011-06-18 21:32:05
Hi Andrea, let me know if you manage to get the ticket, I´m in Italy already and will go for the Milanoshow sowe can possibly meet quickly, would be great.
2011-06-13 21:25:56
It seems that we have all filled our forms. Enjoy the tour. I am trying hard to get a ticket for Milan because I was broke when tickets went on sale. Hope to find a last minute chance to go!
2010-12-25 14:54:41
Happy Holidays to all of you!
2010-11-25 00:30:16
Well done Captain, that tour will teach me to look more carefully at the Joker picks. Has anyone seen any shows this tour??? New blog post, i'd be very interested to see what you think... My top 50 dylan songs - if you had to listen to only 50 Dylan songs for the rest of your life... take care. Dave
2010-10-07 20:19:51
Nice start, congratulations, Oh Captain my Captain! 99 points in total and 9th place overall, cute!
2010-10-07 08:47:39
Woooooooo.... top ten!!!
2010-10-06 22:35:04
Well, think about it Baron. No concerts for me this year. I was in the US during the European tour, and I am in Europe (working full time as a professor) during the East coast tour... not lucky at all :)
2010-10-06 19:32:28
You lucky bastard :)